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The Smith Manoeuvre

Master your Mortgage for Financial Freedom

In November 2019, Robinson Smith released his book, Master Your Mortgage for Financial Freedom, and it hit #1 in 22 categories on Amazon on launch day. To date, thousands of Canadians have used this innovative strategy – The Smith Manoeuvre – to convert the nondeductible interest expense of their mortgage payments into large annual tax deductions. And you can too.

In addition to the tax savings, you will be able to eliminate your mortgage in record time while simultaneously contributing substantial amounts each month toward free-and-clear retirement savings that simply would not have been available otherwise.

All of this without any additional cash required on a monthly basis.

I’m your local Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, so reach out today to see how The Smith Manoeuvre can help you.

The wealthy have tax-deductible mortgages, and you can too. What do the numbers look like when you make your mortgage tax-deductible?

Tax-Deductions: At 4%, a homeowner will pay interest of around $18,000 alone the first year on a $500,000 mortgage. If they employed The Smith Manoeuvre at a 40% marginal tax rate, they would generate tax refunds totalling over $67,000 over a 25-year amortization – a gift from Revenue Canada.

Reduction in Amortization: With The Smith Manoeuvre, instead of taking 25 years to pay off that mortgage, that non-deductible debt will be gone in less than 23 years. And that’s just the base-case scenario.

Retirement Portfolio: At an 8% annual growth rate, your net worth could improve by just over $665,000 compared to not implementing The Smith Manoeuvre. And you will likely be able to improve on that significantly…again, without any new cash
from you.

With a simple, one-time restructuring of your personal finances, you can set yourself up to enjoy similar benefits to help ensure you and your loved ones can enjoy a comfortable and secure future. As your local Smith Manoeuvre Certified Professional, with the help of The Smithman Calculator, I can show you very quickly what your projected benefits can be. Reach out today for a complimentary consult.

“A must-read for those looking to reduce their tax bill and increase their financial security.”
– Canadian Taxpayers Federation, The Taxpayer

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